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Custody disputes can be intimidating. Most parents don’t know what to expect or what to do. In their minds, they are fighting for the very lives of their children, yet they are unprepared for such an intense task. They become consumed by the unknown as they try to navigate a system of unspoken rules and etiquette.

The Custody Lawyer is designed to answer your questions, explain the process, remove the unknowns, and tell you how to win (or lose) a custody battle.



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This book will help you understand the things that I've learned in the course of 26 years. I've been doing custody work for a long time, and it's close to my heart. This book is a way to help people everywhere who are going through a tough custody battle.


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People going through custody disputes want answers about what the process looks like and what they can do to keep their children. They want to know how they can meet their children’s needs. They want to know how they can get through the process with as little trauma to their children and themselves as possible.


Janet and staff were very professional, courteous, and empathetic. They were very prompt in returning communication and answering my questions. I wasn't the biggest client but always felt my case was being handled professionally and with the utmost importance.


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Would you like direct, personal help with your custody situation? Get help regardless of where you are located via a 1-on-1 custody strategy call.


Janet is a meticulous attorney and a zealous advocate for her clients. She and her team are prepared, thorough, and responsive, along with being excellent advocates for their clients.




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